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New Jersey Child Support Attorneys

The state of New Jersey aims to make sure that each child has enough food to eat, clothing, and a safe place to live. This could explain why child support laws in the state are complicated and challenging to work through. New Jersey is, in fact, one of just a few states where child support payments may extend through college.

As with other US states, New Jersey child support laws adhere to a specific set of child support guidelines. Most New Jersey residents know this. However, what many New Jersey parents and divorcees don’t know is that the state has implemented a new set of child support laws early in 2017, bringing about a number of changes and protocols that can affect your family.

Partnering with an experienced child support attorney is a wise move as you go through the legal intricacies of child support in New Jersey. With the guidance of a skilled family lawyer, you can have a clear understanding of what you are responsible for paying for as well as what you are entitled to receive. Working with an established child support law firm such as New Jersey Family Lawyers can help you protect your child’s future as well as your personal finances.

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Child Support Calculation

As opposed to alimony, child support calculations in the state of New Jersey are based heavily on the state’s child support and child custody guidelines. If you want to know how much you should expect to pay or receive for your child or children, but are struggling to interpret read the lengthy, technical guideline documents regarding how to calculate child support, we’re here to help. New Jersey Family Lawyers is equipped with the technology and legal expertise to go over your documents and provide you with an accurate calculation of the child support you’re responsible for paying for or entitled to receive.

There are a lot of factors to consider during child support determination, and we are dedicated to clarifying what you can expect through every aspect of child support, child custody, and divorce. If you are in a more complicated situation, such as a non-custodial parent, military divorce, a high-value divorce, or were never married at all and are seeking father’s rights assistance, New Jersey Family Lawyers provides competent legal advice and helps you understand what to expect from the legal process during our free consultations.

Child Support Enforcement

What happens when child support orders are in place, but the supporting parent stops paying? When you’re facing some issues with non-receipt of child support, the law offices of New Jersey Family Lawyers is here for you. Having successfully handled numerous child support cases in the New Jersey area, we have many ways to assist you in obtaining the support that you’ve been awarded through the courts. Whether it’s through payroll deduction, seizure of assets, tax fund offset, or other means, we are ready to help.

Are you unable to pay your child support? Sometimes a child support settlement can be reached, but not if you let things get out of hand. If you are starting to get behind in your child support obligation, reach out to New Jersey Family Lawyers to get assistance with modification or settlements.

Child Support Modification

New Jersey law generally only considers the modification of child support if there is a substantial change in either the paying parent’s income or in the child’s need. You might be the parent owing child support who has encountered financial difficulties. Or you could be the parent receiving child support who is faced with an increase in your child’s educational and medical costs. If you believe that some modification is necessary in the child support arrangements but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, New Jersey family law firm New Jersey Family Lawyers can give you the answers, advice, and guidance that you need.

Free Consultation with an Experienced New Jersey Child Support Lawyer

Obtaining, enforcing, and modifying child support can be complicated as well as emotionally, financially, and physically exhausting. We have specialized in the legalities of child support for many years now and we completely understand what you are going through. We at New Jersey Family Lawyers want you to know that your child’s future, your family’s security, and your financial protection are our top priority. We are here to help.

If you need legal assistance with child support concerns in New Jersey, give us a call. We look forward to supporting you and your family.

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